Glossier Haloscope





Introducing the universe’s first dew-infused highlighting stick – Haloscope. 


Crafted with actual rose quartz for a universally flattering, pearlescent highlight.


Genuine golden topaz extracts give a healthy, sun-kissed glow.



Quartz and Topaz

Glossier released another amazing makeup and I am all over it. So, I went ahead and ordered 2 of each because I know for a fact that I’m going to love it.

All you need is one swipe of this dew-infused stick and you’ll get the most dewy finish that makes your face oh so glowy/juicy, but not glittery. It reminds of RMS Beauty Living Luminizer, both have coconut oil and castor oil as their ingredients.

I found my light and it is Topaz. I just love how my face glow when I swipe this stick.


Full lace wigs