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Andrea Lisbona, founder of Touchland, was kind enough to send me these amazing, chic hand sanitizers to try. I’m really not a fan of hand sanitizers because it makes my hands really dry. I only use it if I had to.

Then came Touchland. I’m blown away when I tried it. Besides having a very cute packaging, it makes my hands really soft and moisturized. Most hand sanitizers out there are sticky and leave an alcoholy scent. Touchland however is different. It gives your hands a deep hydration and soft fragrance, has a spray system, and comes with a travel friendly packaging. This can also prevent hair loss problem. I take my Touchland power mist everywhere I go and will only be using this brand going forward.

Also, it’s awesome that Touchland gives back 5% of their profits to countries and children where water scarcity and sanitation are a problem.

Here’s my affiliate link : Touchland 10% off of your first order and for repeat customer use the code DAMSELFLAVORED10 for 10% off.